ALETTA’s role as a super app carries substantial potential in the current healthcare environment, where pharmaceutical and health technology investments are predominantly targeted towards achieving marketing authorization, often overlooking the value of treatments without patent protection. This narrow focus has led to a scarcity of high-quality evidence for low-cost interventions that could otherwise greatly improve healthcare at the population level. ALETTA aims to disrupt this status quo by embracing a data-driven and ultra-personalized approach to healthcare, one that aligns with the European Union’s rigorous General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the proposed Artificial Intelligence Act.

The SuperApp concept, already thriving with a market value set to reach USD 426.01 billion by 2030, hinges on consolidating a multitude of services into one platform, thereby increasing user engagement through convenience.

ALETTA leverages this model within the healthcare domain, offering a single, comprehensive interface for health management, which includes AI-driven bots for pharmacy services, research, and customer support, and healthcare communications and data sharing, ensuring privacy and compliance are never compromised.

Given the challenges in healthcare — such as the high cost of non-adherence to medications, the prevalence of diagnostic errors, and a significant gap between science and practice — ALETTA’s approach could be transformative. By integrating evidence-based, non-patentable solutions like natural molecules, alternative therapies, and preventive care into its service offerings, ALETTA directly addresses the shortcomings of current healthcare investment strategies.

Additionally, the use of ALETTA will allow for the tracking of consumption of care, and the evolution of patient behaviors, hopefully resulting in lower care consumption and hence an economic surplus for the healthcare payers. This feature enhances ALETTA’s potential to influence healthcare economics positively.

ALETTA’s infrastructure, supported by cutting-edge Gen-AI research and a commitment to the highest security standards as evidenced by its ISO and NEN certifications and in-house developed Zero-Trust architecture Information Security Management System, is ready to serve an aging population that is expected to drive up healthcare costs significantly by 2050. By offering streamlined access to health-related services in the form of Bots, ALETTA not only confronts the navigational challenges of contemporary healthcare apps but also aligns with the growing demand for super apps that deliver a variety of services within a single ecosystem.

In essence, ALETTA is positioned to become a pivotal force in reshaping healthcare delivery, capitalizing on the super app market’s expansion while steadfastly addressing the urgent need for more inclusive, evidence-based, and patient-centric healthcare solutions.

ALETTA is developed by MYCB1 Group B.V, a health technology company headquartered in Amsterdam Science Park.

The company seamlessly integrates pharmaceutical manufacturing through MYCB1 GmbH in Germany, pharmacy operations via MYCB1 Apotheek in the Netherlands, and software engineering to drive the evolution of ALETTA into a Healthcare SuperApp to fulfill the company mission.

Certifications: ALETTA ISO-27001, NEN-7510 / MYCB1 GmbH is EU-GMP / MYCB1 Apotheek HKZ, ISO 9001 / MYCB1 Group B.V. ISO 9001, IFRS